Daisy Movie Night: The Gold Rush Trivia Answers

Thank you for everyone who joined us for Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush movie screening! The quiz answers are below!

1. Shortly before The Tramp arrives at the cabin in Alaska, what does Black Larson burn in the stove?
A wanted poster featuring his (Black Larson's) photo.

2. What object that he finds on the table in the cabin does The Tramp eat?
A candle.

3. What object does The Tramp cook for his and Big Jim's Thanksgiving dinner?
His shoe.

4. How does Big Jim lose his memory?
 Black Larson conks him on the head with a shovel.

5. What embarrassing thing keeps happening to The Tramp when he is dancing with Georgia in the dance hall?
His pants fall down.

6. How does The Tramp get Hank Curtis to take him into his cabin and feed him?
He pretends to be unconscious and frozen. 

7. During the dream sequence, how does The Tramp entertain Georgia and her friends?
He performs a dance with two forks and two dinner rolls.

8. When/Where was Chaplin born? 
April 16, 1889, London
9. What was his full birth name? 
Charles Spencer Chaplin
10. What was Chaplin's first true talking picture? 
The Great Dictator
11. What Chaplin song was sung at Michael Jackson's memorial service on July 7, 2009?
“Smile (Though Your Heart Is Breaking)”
12. In “The Gold Rush”, which scene was so popular that projectionists often stopped the film and wound the film back to reshow?
The dancing rolls

13. The scene where The Lone Prospector and Big Jim have a boot for supper took ____ days and _____ takes to suit director Charles Chaplin.

14. Why was Chaplin rushed to the hospital during filming?
Eating licorice

15. How many men playing prospectors were real vagrants hired for one day's pay?

16. At who’s home did Chaplin get the idea for “The Gold Rush”?
Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks

17. Which famous Director claimed “The Gold Rush” as his favorite film of all time?
Sir Richard Attenborough

18. Where were Charlie Chaplin’s first movies filmed?
Fremont/Niles Canyon, CA (Essanay Studios - famous for Bronco Billy silent movies)