E.T. Trivia Answers!

Thank you to all of you who came out for the January Daisy Movie Night to see E.T.!

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E.T. Trivia Answers
1.    What was the original working title for this movie?
Answer: A Boy's Life
Other titles were "E.T. and Me", but it was cut in pre-production.

2.    Where does Elliott take E.T.?
Answer: To his room. Elliott gets E.T. to follow him by giving him Reese's Pieces candy.

3.    What are E.T.'s people collecting at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Plants. We wonder how many places these aliens have visited to get so many different plants.

4.    E.T. said his first words to whom?
Answer: Gertie. Gertie sat down to watch some T.V. and E.T. was in the room with her. E.T. walked around the T.V. while Gertie tuned in and sounded out some words, such as "basket", "bandit", and "ball". The narrator (of the show) told the viewers that all the words began with the letter "b". When E.T. heard this, he said "be" and this surprised Gertie, since she did not know E.T. could talk. Gertie told him, "good!" E.T. then said to Gertie, "Be good." A couple of other phrases that E.T. learned, in the movie, were "E.T. phone home" and "I'll be right here."

5.    Which studio was originally going to make "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial"?
Answer: Columbia. Since Spielberg worked for Columbia for "Close Encounters", he returned there to develop the script. Columbia, however, opted to do "Starman" (1984) instead.

6.    What does Elliot do to ensure he can stay home from school?
Answer: He fakes being sick. Elliott holds the thermometer up to the light, and puts a heating pad on his face to fake a fever.

7.    What is the name of the song that is playing on the radio at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Papa Oom-Mow-Mow. This was sung by the Beach Boys.

8.    What is it that first makes E.T.'s heart light go on?
Answer: He hears an owl hoot. All of their heart lights go on when the owl makes noise; a way of connecting with each other.

9.    Elliott said his father was located where?
Answer: Mexico. The night after Elliott claimed he saw something outside, he and his family sat at the dinner table. Elliott insisted that he saw something in the back yard but his mom, Mary, told him he had to have imagined it. Elliott, Mary, and his two siblings, Michael and Gertie, continued to talk. The subject of Elliott's father came up and Mary asked Elliott if he'd spoken to his father about what he said. Elliott remarked that he could not speak to his dad since he was in Mexico with a woman named Sally. This upset Mary since her husband, father to all three of her children, had left her for another woman and they were separated. Michael chided Elliott for bringing up their father in front of Mary.

10. Why did Universal use green plastic on the "E.T." videotape?
Answer: To Confound Video Pirates

11. What color are Elliott's blinds?
Answer: All different colors. Elliott quickly closes the blinds so that no one passing by outside can see E.T. in his room. 

12. What is the name of Elliott's older brother?
Answer: Mike. Elliott also has a younger sister, Gertie.

13. Michael Jackson recorded a song for the movie. What was the name of the song?
Answer: “Someone In The Dark”. Michael Jackson recorded the song but it was never used. It later appeared in the "E.T." Storybook, and the "Thriller - Special Edition" album.

14. How many little toy men does Elliot show E.T?
Answer: 6. Elliott says to E.T., "Look, they can even have wars."

15. What are the names of Elliott's brothers' three friends?
Answer: Tyler, Greg, and Steve. These are the only friends of any character mentioned in the movie.

16. What candy does Elliot use to lure E.T.?
Answer: Reese's-Pieces. The Mars Candy Company turned down an “M&M’s” product placement offer, so the production team went with Reese's-Pieces instead! Someone at the Mars company must have been looking for work soon after the movie was released.

17. What did Gertie dress up as, for Halloween?
Answer: Cowgirl. We first found out that Gertie was dressing up as a cowgirl for Halloween when she told Mary this, at the dinner table, near the beginning of the film. When Halloween approached, Gertie was shown, in her cowgirl costume, ready to go trick or treating. Gertie snuck out of the house and went to a secret location that her mother did not know about at all. When Mary took a picture of Michael, Elliott, and "Gertie", she did not realize that "Gertie" was actually E.T. since E.T. wore a white sheet. Gertie told Elliott and Michael that she would wait for them, at a drop off point, where Elliott and E.T. would ride a bicycle, into the woods, to help set up a device to call for a spaceship to take E.T. home.

18. While Elliott is showing E.T. items in his room, he is talking about how his fish eat fish food and the rest of the small food chain. Who does Elliott say "eats the shark?"
Answer: Nobody. Elliott also shows E.T. a car and a peanut bank.

19. What actors play Elliott's brother and his three friends?
Answer: Robert Macnaughton, C. Thomas Howell, Sean Frye, and K.C. Martel. C. Thomas Howell was originally supposed to be a stunt kid only.

20. Who plays Gertie, Elliot's younger sister?
Answer: Drew Barrymore. Drew auditioned for the movie “Poltergeist” but director Steven Spielberg didn’t cast her in that film. However, her young audition was so strong he DID cast her in the much bigger “E.T.”! She's also been in "The Wedding Singer", "Charlie's Angels", and many more productions since then.

21. When Elliott asked E.T. where he was from, he pointed to which state, on a globe, and told E.T. that was where his (Elliott's) home was located?
Answer: California. Elliott decided to find out where E.T. was from, so he got an atlas and a book, on outer space, for E.T. to use to help tell him where his home was located. Elliott decided that, to help E.T., he would show him where his home was located. He used an atlas but Michael told him a better visual would be the globe. Elliott got the globe and pointed to the state of California and told E.T. that was where they were located. Elliott asked E.T. where he was from and E.T. pointed out the window. Elliott used his book, on outer space, and pointed to the planet Earth and informed E.T. this was "home." E.T. did not give Elliott a specific answer as where his home planet was located.

22. What was E.T.'s first letter?
Answer: B. Thank you, Gertie, for teaching E.T. to talk!

23. What happens when E.T. gets scared by the umbrella popping open?
Answer: Elliott gets scared too. This is the first sign we see that E.T.'s and Elliott's emotions are connecting.

24. What do the older boys want on their pizza?
Answer: "Everything but the little fishies". Greg wants pepperoni and sausage but does not object when Tyler yells "everything but the little fishies" to Elliot.